A Trp 1-105Th Cavdavisk.135@gmail.com262-312-4471Job InquiryGround Reconnaissance
Would love to join your team and bring my Reconnaissance expertise to bear.  I am a cerifitied Rappel Master, Mountain Warfare Qualified and a SME on a wide range of long range optics.

SSG Davis, Kyle
C. Co. 1-128th INFmichaeljgeier@gmail.com6127908734Job InquiryJob Opportunity
Greetings, my name is Michael Geier. I am currently serving in the National Guard, on pre-mobilization fora deployment. Before joining the guard, i served eight years in the Marines, and have been employed for six years by the Monroe County Sheriff's office as a patrol deputy / K9 handler.

I am exploring other opportunities to pursue upon homecoming, with the intent to build active duty military time / while using skills i already possess.

If you could point me to person of contact for employment / recrucruiting, I'd appreciate it.
1-128th IN, 32nd IBCT Reconalvarez.jose.2112@gmail.com715-607-0719Job InquiryPotential Employment Opportunities

My name is SGT Jose Alvarez, I currently serve in the WIARNG with the 1st BN, 128th IN Recon element. I know a couple of soldiers I used to work with in NC and NM that work in their state's counter-drug program doing reconnaissance. They claim to love their job and I've been suggested to look into it.

I can't find much on the webpage about employment opportunities on the military side of it or what kind of assets are employed by the WIARNG to support the counter-drug initiative in the state.

I'd like to get more information about any opportunities you may have; please feel free to either reply by email or phone.


Jose Alvarez
Fort McCoy Police Departmentcoryazebell@gmail.com6088550180Job InquiryJoint employment
Recently began employment as a DoD Police Officer and have extensive experience in both LEO and Counterdrug capabilities, including working as a Drug Demand Risk Reduction Coordinator for the Army Substance Abuse Program.