Parenthood, Pregnancy, and Postpartum
Soldiers holding baby's hand
The WIARNG P3 State Advisors is a working group with a mission of training the force on current P3 Policies, creating new WIARNG specific P3 Policies, and supporting our Servicemembers and their Commands as they navigate the joys of pregnancy and parenthood.

For any P3 Related questions, please reach out to your unit's designated P3 Advisor identified by your Commander, or utilize the State P3 Inbox below.



The P3 (Parenthood, Pregnancy, and Postpartum) Program took shape in the Wisconsin Army National Guard in approximately 2018 as a small working group, passionate about making the organization a better place for its families and parents. The program has been a labor of intentional love and care for parents within our ranks. Throughout the years, the working group has spearheaded initiatives to help formulate the implementation of policies surrounding lactation accommodations, post-birth operational and training deferments, advisory support groups, as well as educating and empowering our formations and its leaders. In January 2023, the working group earned a permanent home in the WIARNG G1 (Personnel) Division. The group has performed four training courses for unit P3 Advisors, now a mandatory position in each unit across the state, training over 200 advisors and command teams.

In June 2023, the long awaited Memorandum on Parenthood, Pregnancy, and Postpartum was signed by our State's Deputy Adjutant General to tailor the Army Directive P3 guidance to the specific needs of our National Guard Soldiers. The nurtured relationships, improved awareness, policy and inclusive culture are making a positive difference within the WIARNG community. The WIARNG P3 Group has shared its unique products, policies, and procedures on many state and national platforms, truly paving the way for the initiative across all forces. The P3 Program helps align words with actions that help our Soldiers feel valued, supported, and seen so that they may continue to serve while successfully growing their families.

Returning to Duty after Pregnancy