Facility Rentals

Rental of the Wisconsin Army National Guard facilities is managed by the Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO). This is not a community relations activity of the Public Affairs Office.

The following renter categories only are authorized to make a Facility Rental Request:

  • Federal, state, and local governments when used for a governmental purpose
  • Federally created, established, or operated entities
  • Organizations created for a civic or charitable purpose when use of the armory is for that purpose

The process starts out with the requestor sending the required documents listed below to the Facility Manager at the requested location. The facility Manager will review the request and check on the availability of the space at the armory on the dates and times indicated. The Facility Manager then forwards your request to the CFMO Operations Specialist. The CFMO Operations Specialist will review the request. A Facility Use Agreement is prepared by the Operations Specialist and approved by the CFMO. If a rental fee is applicable, the lessee will receive a Facility Rental Invoice with the Facility Use Agreement.

Requests must be received by the Construction and Facilities Management Office (CFMO) at least 30 days prior to event to allow adequate review and processing time. The 30 days begins when the CFMO has a complete packet of information to be able to prepare the Facility Use Agreement.


Required Documents

The current fillable Facility Rental Request form. Requestors should type information into the fillable PDF form and send that to the Facility Manager.

Facility Rental Request Form (PDF)

Detailed explanation (please take the time to read #13 on the form) If the Facility Rental Request form indicates that you will be using the drill floor and classroom be sure the explanation details what you will be doing in each area. If you are requesting to use multiple classrooms you should indicate that also.

If you are a government entity (city, village, town, county, school district, state agency) you will need to supply your Wisconsin Certificate of Exempt Status (CES #) from the Dept. of Revenue:

CES examples (PDF)

If your organization is a 501(c) you will need to provide your IRS determination letter:

IRS determination letter examples (PDF)

If your event includes bingo or a raffle then the appropriate license needs to be provided. The explanation needs to state what the prize is. Certificate of Liability Insurance document as well as an additional insured endorsement.

Insurance document example (PDF)

Insurance document example Boy Scouts (PDF)

4H groups and Hunter Safety requests require a Risk Management Plan be submitted.

Forward to the Facility Manager at the requested location for processing.


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Phone: (608) 242-3360

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